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Updated Sunday, September 27, 2015

Club Photo Album


Here are some photos of our club's activities...


Do you have some pictures that you would like to share?

Cottonwood Lions Park

One of the first projects accomplished in Cottonwood by the Cottonwood Lions Club was "Lions Park" located at the intersection of Main and Willard in Old Town Cottonwood. The sign welcoming visitors to Cottonwood also indicates our regular breakfast meetings at Denny’s Restaurant at 6:30 a.m. on the first three Tuesdays of each month.

Building the sidewalk across from the Lions Park in 1959.

Cottonwood Lions Club Follies 08-04-1950.jpg (634112 bytes)

Raising money for the Smelter City Fire Department, the Cottonwood Lions Club Follies on August 4th, 1950.

Top Row (Left to Right):

Jim Barrett, George Anderson, Russell Leadham, J.B. (Joe DIck, Frank Massaro, Ernest (Ernie) Ochoa

Bottom Row (Left to Right):

Glen Wright, Gen Everett, Rusty Verretto, Adolf Mongini

Year-Round Collection of Eye Glasses and Hearing Aides


photoalbum020606a.jpg (1079428 bytes)

Lion Maureen Haggard (left) and the late Charmaine Cunningham sort glasses into four different categories.


photoalbum072905a.jpg (616768 bytes)

Look for the big, blue box in the Vision Center at the Wal-Mart Super Center.

photoalbum020606b.jpg (1176759 bytes)

Lions Leni Reihl and Patti Spink appear to be having fun sorting a mountain of glasses.

Previously-owned eyeglasses and hearing aids are collected at several locations around town—Westcott Funeral Home, Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, Fornara Eye Center, Old Town Mission, and Wal-Mart Vision Center.


Three or four times a year several ladies from the Lions gather at Lion Maureen Haggard’s house to sort the donations for shipping to the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation in Phoenix. From there they are distributed all over the world; but the best ones stay here in Arizona for those less fortunate among us who cannot afford glasses or hearing aids.

Year-Round Recycling of Aluminum Cans to Raise Funds

photoalbum081005a.jpg (656700 bytes)

photoalbum081005b.jpg (629356 bytes)

Look for the bright yellow garbage bin half way between the Cottonwood Middle School and the Clemenceau Museum

photoalbum081105b.jpg (659781 bytes)

Lion Bill Allen fishes cans out of the bin to transport to a central collection site.


photoalbum081105a.jpg (589127 bytes)

Lion Bill Allen weighs in the day’s catch of aluminum cans and dumps them into large canvas bags which are picked up weekly by Sedona Recycles.

In order to have money to contribute the many worthwhile activities of the Lions Club, we are working with Sedona Recycles at their pickup station located at the Cottonwood Middle School parking area. The Cottonwood Lions Club keeps the area picked up and reasonably clean in exchange for being allowed to place our own collection bin next to the other bins at the site.


Safety Posters

Lion Ray Spencer

Lion Bob Young


Crosswalk Sign

Part of the 400 cars approaching Dr. Daniel Bright Elementary School on the first day of school on Monte Tesoro on the first day of school, 2006.

In August of each year on the first day of school the Cottonwood Lions Club members hand out a safety reminder to all drivers approaching the three elementary schools and the Cottonwood Middle School.


Peace Poster Contest


IMG_6078.JPG (5833229 bytes)IMG_6079.JPG (5964884 bytes)IMG_6080.JPG (5066992 bytes)IMG_6081.JPG (5806447 bytes)IMG_6082.JPG (5880933 bytes)

IMG_6083.JPG (6009469 bytes)IMG_6084.JPG (5045691 bytes)IMG_6085.JPG (5782180 bytes)IMG_6086.JPG (4852235 bytes)IMG_6087.JPG (4939618 bytes)

IMG_6088.JPG (5391027 bytes)IMG_6090.JPG (5562571 bytes)


IMG_5743.JPG (5733023 bytes)IMG_5742.JPG (5457489 bytes)

Lion's Peace Posters 2008.jpg (774530 bytes)Lion's Peace Posters 2008 (1).jpg (715531 bytes)Lion's Peace Posters 2008 (2).jpg (631778 bytes)Lion's Peace Posters 2008 (3).jpg (711477 bytes)Lion's Peace Posters 2008 (4).jpg (710648 bytes)Lion's Peace Posters 2008 (5).jpg (580590 bytes)



The Cottonwood Lions Members are judging the Peace Poster submissions.  Tough decisions...

Winning poster submitted by Catherine Krause of  Cottonwood Middle School.  She, also won first place for District 21C.

The First Place Winner, Catherine Krause being congratulated by Lions Bob Cunningham and Robert Efros.

Other 2006 Cottonwood Winners


Club President Bob Cunningham presents a check and certificate to First Place Winner Clint Minton of Cottonwood Middle School.

Clint Minton’s winning poster


photoalbum031905b.jpg (625328 bytes)

At a state conference held in Flagstaff early in 2005 Lions Clubs District 21C Governor Bob Strobel presents another check to Clint Minton of Cottonwood for winning First Place in Arizona with his Peace Poster submitted by the Cottonwood Lions Club.

Every year the Cottonwood Lions Club sponsored local participation by public and private school students in a "Peace Poster Contest" held by Lions Clubs International. Students 11-13 years old submit posters drawn according to rules of entry by the International Association of Lions Clubs in competition with other students throughout the state of Arizona. In 2004 Clint Minton, a Cottonwood Middle School student won first prize in the state.

New Equipment for Old Town Mission Health Center Vision Clinic

New Phoropter and Slit Lamp purchased with the City of Cottonwood Community Based Grant

Non Contact Tonometer purchased with the City of Cottonwood Community Based Grant Brewer Stool purchased by the Cottonwood Lions Club Eyeglasses donated by Walman’s Optical Auto Refractor purchased through the Yavapai County Community Foundation 2005 Eye care Grant and Cottonwood Lions Club funding.

Dr. Vickers plague - founder of the Vision Clinic

Family Night - September 26th, 2006

Lion Dean Hubert always gives a little extra when asked to do something. His wife, Peggy Jean, asked for a small dish of ice cream from the buffet at the September family night dinner and was rewarded with this tower of chocolate swirl!

Verde River Days - September 30th, 2006

District Governor Visit November 11th, 2008

IMG_5751.JPG (5331891 bytes)IMG_5752.JPG (5807578 bytes)IMG_5746.JPG (5318270 bytes)IMG_5747.JPG (4830846 bytes)IMG_5748.JPG (4565072 bytes)IMG_5749.JPG (5832705 bytes)IMG_5750.JPG (4741953 bytes)

District Governor joins us on October 3rd, 2006

On October 3 District Governor Lion Phil Castrovinci and his wife, Priscilla, joined us at our regular breakfast meeting at Denny's. Lion Ron Black is presented special Governor's Award by District Governor Lion Phil Castrovinci at the October 3 breakfast meeting.

The covenant Past President hat is passed on to Lion Bob Cunningham from Lion Bill Allen on October 10th, 2006

Cottonwood Lions Annual Parking Lot Sale on May 3rd, 2008


Cottonwood Lions Annual Parking Lot Sale on May 5th, 2007

May 14th, 2007

Lions Ray and Maureen Haggard hosted a "glasses sorting party" in May, where four other Lions and spouses of Lions participated in sorting over 750 pairs of glasses, boxing them for shipment and giving them to Lion Ron Black to deliver to the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.

Lion Diane Mueller and Janet Young toss glasses into boxes representing four categories of glasses.

Lion Janet Fendley and Lion Maureen Haggard sort glasses into four categories on dining room table after it was cleared of the luncheon in Mat at the Haggards' house.

Family Night BBQ on August 28th, 2007

Verde River Days - September 30th, 2007

Verde Valley Days 001.jpg (682977 bytes)Verde Valley Days 002.jpg (653973 bytes)Verde Valley Days 003.jpg (638206 bytes)Verde Valley Days 004.jpg (641749 bytes)Verde Valley Days 005.jpg (672122 bytes)

District 21C Organizational Meeting - June 14th, 2008

21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 002.jpg (653679 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 003.jpg (603987 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 004.jpg (606843 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 005.jpg (600360 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 008.jpg (600351 bytes)

21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 011.jpg (614092 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 015.jpg (627501 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 017.jpg (575937 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 018.jpg (583481 bytes)

21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 001.jpg (566274 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 007.jpg (573681 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 009.jpg (580546 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 010.jpg (572902 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 013.jpg (572469 bytes)21C Govenor Staff Meeting June14,2008 014.jpg (550513 bytes)

Annual Christmas Party December 13th, 2008

PC130003.JPG (2208081 bytes)PC130004.JPG (2095276 bytes)PC130005.JPG (1616997 bytes)PC130006.JPG (1894567 bytes)PC130002.JPG (1799428 bytes)

2011 Installation - Las Carretas Restaurant - June 23, 2011

P6230038.JPG (1331850 bytes)P6230039.JPG (1429161 bytes)P6230040.JPG (1202936 bytes)P6230041.JPG (1303271 bytes)P6230042.JPG (1403399 bytes)

P6230043.JPG (1375560 bytes)P6230044.JPG (1418134 bytes)P6230045.JPG (1392358 bytes)P6230046.JPG (1440835 bytes)P6230047.JPG (1285669 bytes)

P6230048.JPG (1439025 bytes)P6230049.JPG (1304141 bytes)P6230050.JPG (1525099 bytes)P6230051.JPG (1424038 bytes)P6230052.JPG (1510481 bytes)

P6230053.JPG (1478276 bytes)P6230054.JPG (1280794 bytes)P6230055.JPG (1411839 bytes)P6230056.JPG (1273390 bytes)P6230057.JPG (1503536 bytes)

P6230058.JPG (1446919 bytes)P6230059.JPG (1556122 bytes)P6230060.JPG (1534736 bytes)P6230061.JPG (1450299 bytes)P6230062.JPG (1535168 bytes)

P6230063.JPG (1522651 bytes)P6230064.JPG (1478101 bytes)P6230065.JPG (1476837 bytes)P6230066.JPG (1424554 bytes)

Annual Christmas Party December 15th, 2011

2011-12-15 18.18.41.jpg (2654879 bytes)2011-12-15 18.19.10.jpg (2976462 bytes)2011-12-15 18.19.45.jpg (2981776 bytes)2011-12-15 18.22.46.jpg (2994646 bytes)2011-12-15 18.23.28.jpg (2182120 bytes)

2011-12-15 18.23.51.jpg (2265118 bytes)2011-12-15 18.24.19.jpg (2180885 bytes)2011-12-15 18.24.57.jpg (2204743 bytes)

IMG_0002.JPG (8126810 bytes)IMG_0003.JPG (6777062 bytes)IMG_0004.JPG (6646987 bytes)IMG_0005.JPG (8038084 bytes)IMG_0006.JPG (8819187 bytes)

IMG_0007.JPG (7718385 bytes)IMG_0008.JPG (6075930 bytes)IMG_0009.JPG (6303720 bytes)IMG_0010.JPG (7466476 bytes)IMG_0011.JPG (5816134 bytes)

IMG_0012.JPG (5961429 bytes)IMG_0013.JPG (8118268 bytes)IMG_0015.JPG (6739845 bytes)

Longtime Lion - Lion Robert Cunningham

We knew he had been around for a longtime, but this proves it...

LionCunninghamBob.jpg (207953 bytes)

Selling Big Coloring Books


Listen to me Gaylen.jpg (1032902 bytes) LIONS, at work.jpg (1168823 bytes)
Listen to Me Gaylen Lions At Work


Brian Mikelson Run April 18th, 2009

Lions served water to runners at Station 1 on the corner of Main and Pima


IMG_5873.JPG (5164740 bytes)IMG_5874.JPG (5486496 bytes)IMG_5875.JPG (5497869 bytes)IMG_5876.JPG (6711084 bytes)

IMG_5877.JPG (5582666 bytes)IMG_5878.JPG (5164555 bytes)IMG_5879.JPG (5697513 bytes)IMG_5880.JPG (5616277 bytes)

IMG_5881.JPG (4859202 bytes)IMG_5882.JPG (5100590 bytes)IMG_5883.JPG (6273390 bytes)IMG_5884.JPG (4230104 bytes)

Induction of New Member, Bob Kressel by RZC Robert Hester

July 8, 2014

2014-07-08 06.41.08.jpg (783139 bytes)2014-07-08 06.40.57.jpg (532872 bytes)2014-07-08 06.41.09.jpg (790246 bytes)



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